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Our Programs Are Distinctly Different.

Our Programs Are Distinctly Different.

In Order For A [Coaching Program] To Deliver Results That Transforms [Businesses, Lives, Bodies, etc]...

It Must Have 3 Components:


Cutting edge strategies with a proven track record of results


World-class support



Unfortunately, most coaching programs fall into one of two categories: they just teach you what to do or they teach a bunch of theory without practical strategies.

But you’re smart enough to know that it’s not enough to just teach someone what to do. You need someone to guide you step-by-step and coach you at each step along the path to your goals. And you also realize that having a coach just teach you theory without practical strategies is nothing more than an expensive form of babysitting.

The truth is that most coaches don’t care. And the ones that do? Most don’t have a strategy that really works and creates lasting results. Their programs are either built around hyping you up or keeping you busy so that you don’t realize that what they’re teaching isn’t really working.

We love our members. We have cutting-edge strategies developed in the trenches for over [10 years] that get results.

We have world-class support and coaching that can’t be matched. And we’ve simplified it all down so that you get results right now because we know you don’t have time to waste.

It’s also the reason that our clients [add up to 10 sales to their pipeline in just weeks and go on to consistently and predictably close an additional 3-10 sales per month and beyond]

Here Are 3 Reasons You Should NOT Do Business With Us...

Unlike other coaching programs out there, we’re not for everyone. So here are three reasons you should NOT do business with us.


Don’t Work With Us If You’re Looking For "Quick Results"

Do our clients get amazing results? Absolutely.

But they also worked their butts off. Just because we’ve simplified things down into a proven strategy that works every time it’s applied, doesn’t mean that it will be "quick and easy".

Your results are 100% up to you.


Don’t Work With Us If You’re Not 100% Committed To Your Success.

Getting the results you want will take your full commitment.

Some people are happy just doing the bare minimum. Our clients want more. They want to finally break through what's been holding them back and achieve the success they've always wanted. And they’re willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen. So if that’s not you, we still love you, but you’re not ready to work with us.


Don’t Work With Us If You’re Not Willing To Do The Work

If you think that simply joining a coaching program (including ours) is enough to get you the results you desire...you would be mistaken.

Our successful clients show up every day coachable, decisive, and willing to do the work. They do exactly what we ask them to do. They don't make excuses. They pushed through their setbacks, overwhelm, challenges, and fears. They owned their results and earned their success.

Our successful members are able to achieve incredible results because they are willing to work hard and follow the simple and proven process that we've created for them.

So Let's Talk About Who We Are For...

If you’re a [business owner, professional, female entreprenuer] who is great at what you do, if you love helping people realize their dream, we can help you scale. However, we do have some simple criteria you need to meet before we decide we're a great fit to work together:

  • You must show up coachable. We know what works and don’t have time to argue.

  • You must be decisive. In order for you to get results, you can't get stuck in analysis paralysis.

  • And you must be resourceful. There is always a way for the truly committed.

If you’re ready to build a [successful business/finally lose the weight/finally find the love of your life], then click the button below to [watch our latest masterclass/book a call, etc].

In it, I reveal the step-by-step strategies we use to [help our clients create the business and income they dreamed of].

"As a person that strives to live in the moment, I came to Craig with a desire to gain more control of my thoughts. Given all the personal dilemmas we face, day in day out and of varying gravity, it’s often difficult to understand what needs attention and what’s just noise. After only a few sessions with Craig I found a new level of control that allowed me to almost ‘slow down’ the world around me.

Our first few meditations coincided with a stressful period in my career where I was presented with two very distinct decisions. In times past I would have labored back and forth wasting hours comparing and contrasting my options in an unconscious effort to never have to make a decision. But, my time with Craig gave me the tools to objectively make a decision with ‘me’ in mind and to truly understand what ‘I’ wanted. The positive ripple effect this has had on my career, relationship with my wife & son and my overall perspective on what matters is immeasurable.

Craig has helped me gain control of my life and begin the journey towards my own definition of enlightenment.”

Ben M.

VP of Business Development

"Working with Craig over the last 4 months has been hugely beneficial to my state of mind at work. Weekly meditations allow for the team to come together and collectively prime ourselves for the coming week. With Craig's help, I've increased my productivity in a purposeful way that doesn't sacrifice my work/life balance while also improving my sales strategies."

Mackenzie C.

Account Executive

"Working with Craig French on my Zen meditation practice has truly been life changing professionally. Since starting to sit every day, I have landed two movie studio jobs in a year and a half, and while other co-workers are clearly experiencing high stress levels, the practice has allowed me to stay calm under pressure and make clear grounded decisions. This has impacted my work life balance tremendously and my friends and family are very grateful."

Ben L.

Screen Writer / Production Coordinator