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Practical Mindfulness

For Working Professionals, Entrepreneurs & Creatives

Practical Mindfulness

For Working Professionals, Entrepreneurs & Creatives

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How To De-Stress

How To Be More Zen

You’re a working professional

and your success depends on you having the necessary tools to better handle stress, anxiety and burnout.

It's a tough world out there and without the proper mindset, it's easy to be swallowed up by life's challenges.

I can help.

Most attempts at being more "mindful" or "Zen" don't have a lasting impact because you're not practicing an entire, integrated system and don't have the full understanding of the teachings.

The fact is there’s a huge difference between occasionally going to a yoga class and actually changing your mindset.

“Working with Craig French on my Zen meditation practice has truly been life changing professionally. Since starting to sit every day, I have landed two movie studio jobs in a year and a half, and while other co-workers are clearly experiencing high stress levels, the practice has allowed me to stay calm under pressure and make clear grounded decisions. This has impacted my work life balance tremendously and my friends and family are very grateful.”

Ben L.


There’s a better way...

I teach my students time-tested, ancient techniques that really work…and provide the you mindset support to take action and create extraordinary transformations

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